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The VLAMO Open Fanfare Championship (VLOF for short) will take place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March 2024 .


 For the first time, the open competition was open to fanfare bands from all departments... and we must have known that. No fewer than 26 fanfare bands registered and will travel to Heist-op-den-Berg that weekend.

Due to the high number of registrations, there are  morning, afternoon and evening sessions on both days to give everyone a place on stage. The order of performance was determined in advance and can be viewed here: Schedule

Mandatory Works

  • Superieure afdeling/ Superior Divisio: The Promised Continent van Nick Van Elsen

  • Ere-afdeling/ Honorary Division: De Onderwaterzetting – Simon Van Hoecke

  • Afdeling uitmuntendheid: Ancient Tales – Kevin Houben

  • Eerste afdeling/ First Division The Flood – Filip Ceunen

  • Tweede afdeling/ Second Division: The Legend of Kópakonan – Thom Zigterman (winnaar VLAMO Compositiewedstrijd 2021)

  • Derde afdeling: A New World Fantasy – Jean-Pierre Haeck (winnaar VLAMO Compositiewedstrijd 2021)


Saturday March 9

  • Manu Mellaerts (BE)

  • Leon Vliex (NL)

  • Bert Appermont (BE)

Sunday March 10

  • Jan de Haan (NL)

  • Steven Verhaert (BE)

  • Marco Pütz (LU).

Saturday features 3 divisions and a gala performance from Concertband Maasmechelen, conducted by Mark Prils


09.30 - Tweede afdeling/ Second Division

10.00 - Eerste afdeling/ First Division

13.40 - Afdeling uitmuntendheid/ Excellence Division

17.30 - Gala Concertband Maasmechelen

18.20 - Afdeling uitmuntendheid/ Excellence Division

21.15 - Awards Ceremony

VLOF 2024 Schedule


Sunday features the top 2 divisions 


09.30 - Ere-afdeling/ Honorary Division

16.00 - Superieure afdeling/ Superior Division

20.45 - Awards Ceremony

VLOF 2024 Schedule

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